Word of mouth is a great way to build business

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Using Word Of Mouth Makes Sense. Here Is Why.

Building a successful marketing strategy is a crucial challenge for any modern startup. Given that you probably don’t have the level of capital that global giants boast, it’s imperative to keep a focus on Conversion Rate Optimisation. Frankly, word of mouth is one of the tools that you simply cannot afford to live without.

Over 90% of consumers trust word of mouth over any other marketing campaign, which ultimately translates to increased sales. Given the cost-efficiency and speed of results, finding an incentive to incorporate this idea into your overall strategy is easy. Knowing how to do it in an effective manner is where the real challenge starts. Here’s all you need to know.


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#1. Provide A Great Customer Service

Gaining organic word of mouth recommendations should be the first item on your checklist. In truth, providing a winning service is the only way to make it happen. Treat customers with respect and employ a friendly attitude at all times; you’ll be amazed at the impact it can bring!

Given that the vast majority of customer interaction will be conducted by your employees, it’s vital to invest in staff training and team morale. When supported by a fair returns policy and a genuine commitment to help customers receive the best service, word will spread like wildfire.

Conversely, people are nearly twice as likely to tell friends about a bad service. Get it wrong, then, and it could cost you dearly.

#2. Embrace Online Recommendations

Digital marketing has moved the goalposts forever, not least in terms of leveraging success through word of mouth. Statistics show that online reviews are considered an extremely powerful tool, with 90% of users reading online reviews before making purchases and almost as many confirming that their decisions are influenced by what they read.

Online reviews can be left through the company website, platforms like Trustpilot, and online directories. However, the Google My Business portal is probably the most effective. After all, the website process 40,000 search queries every second. Almost half are local searches.

Besides, a strong GMB profile will actively boost your organic SEO, which should drive serious traffic to the site.

#3. Incentivise Users To Celebrate Your Business

It’s amazing what people will do if you just ask. So, don’t be afraid to actively request reviews from happy customers or ask them to spread the word to help the business grow. However, providing a personal incentive is something that can have an even greater impact than you ever thought possible.

The best way to achieve this is through effective affiliate schemes that reward customers for bringing new customers to the business. Whether it’s a small percentage of the sale price, free stock, or something else is up to you. A few months of trial and error should confirm which ideas work.

People promoting the business on your behalf will speak about it in glowing terms, which can even influence their own consumer decisions. Perfect.

#4. Become An Authority

People talking about your products is great, but it’s equally crucial to get people talking about the brand. This is a key ingredient in building a solid reputation, but it is one that many people tend to overlook. Subsequently, then, this presents a fantastic opportunity to go the extra mile.

Talking at industry events, writing an insightful blog, or producing videos for the company's social media channels can engage people in an informative and entertaining manner. By impressing them in this way, they will tell friends and family about what you’ve had to say. This can take many forms, including social media sharing. Not least because over 58% of users react to videos.

When prospective clients can see that you know your stuff, they’ll be far more likely to buy your products and services too.

#5. Do More As A Responsible Brand

Another way to gain positive reactions from customers, particularly with regards to spreading the word, is to connect with them on an emotional level. This can be achieved in many different ways ranging from supporting a worthy charity to using greener technology and eco-friendly packaging.

Anything that paints the business in a bright light and shows you do more will work wonders. However, a focus on the things that your demographic cares about is most likely to have a positive impact in terms of sales. After all, word of mouth is futile if it only reaches people that aren’t interested in the goods.

On a side note, this added responsibility can often inspire the employees, which is always great news.

#6. Engage Customers On Social Media

Social media has already been touched upon, but there is no doubt that engaging with customers on those various platforms can have a telling influence on the overall coverage gained. Over one billion people are active on Facebook alone, and talking about businesses is a common theme.

Naturally, then, ensuring that your business is a part of the conversation is key. Participating with them in simple ways such as asking for their opinions, running competitions, and replying to comments gets people talking about the brand. Even if they aren’t actively sharing your content, their comments etc. will appear on the news feeds of their friends and families.

Content that gets people to tag friends that they feel will be interested can be particularly useful.

#7. Aim For Immediate Reaction

It has been scientifically shown that buying stuff makes us feel good. So, this is the perfect time for your business to strike. Asking for reviews as soon as they’ve completed their purchase is ideal. Meanwhile, emails asking for reviews can be sent a few days after delivery.

This is the time when consumers are most excited and are likely to leave 5-star reviews and glowing words. Other people will see this and respond in a positive fashion. Similarly, asking them to share the news of their new purchase via social media share buttons can be a very effective strategy.

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