Why your business needs an answering service

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Why Outsourcing Call Answering Service is Better than Hiring an In-House Receptionist?

Answering services make sense for small business

If you’re a business owner in 2020, who’s across all the latest trends and developments in what’s available to make your business better, you’ve probably heard the term ‘answering service.’ But if you haven’t, don’t worry. We’re going to change that. In fact, not only am I going to tell you what it is but hopefully I’m going to go a step further and convince you that you need it.


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An answering service can also be called a virtual receptionist, or a phone answering service for example. Basically, it’s a relatively new service offered to businesses that sees someone external to a company answer the phones. Often, they work remotely, away from your physical office space. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Why on earth would I want to have someone outside my office answer the phones. Isn’t that just another thing to worry about? Doesn’t that mean I’ll be out of the loop? That just sounds too complicated…

Well, it isn’t. Instead of making life harder and more complicated, an answering service has the potential to make life so much easier, if you’re willing to let them. In fact, they’re designed to take the stress out of the very time-consuming, draining and stressful or otherwise time laborious elements of business, particularly those concerning admin and customer service so that you have less on your plate and less to worry about. That sounds like it can only be a beneficial thing to me. A real, easy to implement and very tangible step towards gaining some of that work-life balance we’re all striving for, where work isn’t consuming your every waking moment, giving you time to prioritise and create space for other important things and/or people in your life.

The business climate of 2020 is extremely cut-throat and relentlessly fast-paced. Thanks to the technology we now have available at our fingertips, there’s an oversaturation of demands on our time, attention and priorities. We’re expected to be switched on and ready to step into work mode at any time while also practicing appropriate self-care and having well-established boundaries. These competing and in fact opposing messages can only lead to confusion and stress. It’s not realistically possible to chase firm boundaries and a balanced life if you’re being asked to make yourself available at all times, whether that’s answering calls, responding to emails or a million other small tasks that add up to a lot of time and energy when you’re a business owner. You can’t be expected to maintain high intensity foot on the gas energy all the time, it’s not healthy and will only cause burnout which can have devastating impacts both professionally and personally. Of course, your energy output becomes particularly magnified if you’re trying to find a foothold in an industry as a start-up or otherwise operate as a small business.

This is where an answering service would be extremely helpful. Their capabilities are not simply limited to answering a phone, transferring a call or collecting caller information for you. They’re also adept at scheduling appointments, replying to emails, answering questions and queries from existing and prospective customers as well as using web-chat services to communicate with customers, if that’s applicable to you. The whole purpose of the service is to offload the time-consuming and draining responsibilities of admin to professionally trained individuals who can handle it with ease, hopefully removing stress from your plate and shortening your to-do list.

This also creates a greater sense of flexibility among your whole team and allows a sharper sense of focus on other things. This includes looking to expansion as all successful and ambitious businesses do at some point, without compromising on the quality of your service or product. An answering service would be able to handle the increase in admin that would no doubt come with expansion, without trouble and then just as easily adapt to any lulls, should they come along. One advantage of an answering service setup in the case of a lull, is that there’s less room for disruption and fluctuation in regards to employees and cost. You’re less likely to need to let people go and the money you’re paying out versus the money you’re getting in will also more likely stay at a stable and manageable balance.

Handing off those earlier mentioned admin responsibilities, which is essentially the art of delegation (only paid) doesn’t mean you have to be out of the loop or that you’re surrendering control. You can request that you be sent an email at the end of every day debriefing you on what business was handled, who called and what needs to be acted on further, if anything. Your sense of control doesn’t have to stop there; you can even have a hand in deciding exactly what a member of your answering service team will say when answering the phone. They can work to a script as detailed as you like, that way saying exactly what you would in any given scenario, keeping things professional and consistent across the board.

This works out better for your customers too, both current and prospective. Having an answering service means they’re less likely to ever get stuck talking to a robot or answering machine, and instead will always have real-time dealings with human beings, which is a far more enjoyable experience for them and for you, because it keeps them satisfied. I’m sure I don’t need to state the importance of customer satisfaction and the benefits of a good customer service experience, do I?

Those two things are incredibly powerful, especially if you’re just starting out or looking to expand your business, because they help to create repeat customers and positive word of mouth, which is essential in finding and making new customers. The importance of keeping customers onside and attracting new business cannot be overstated in the highly competitive business market we now operate in. Another aspect of our society’s ease of access to technology is that there are now more services and products purporting to fill the same need than ever before. That means, if you want someone’s business, you have to work hard for it. You need an edge over your competitors. That’s where having the consistent, professional and efficient customer service skills of a virtual receptionist/answering service could be important. Having those tools in your arsenal could be the difference between someone choosing your business over another that offers the same service.

As you can see, an answering service is an extremely significant tool with many long-reaching benefits across multiple facets of your business, both internally and externally.

In fact, there’s one I haven’t really mentioned yet so far, except for in terms of expansion, which has the potential to be hugely beneficial and that’s the fact that an answering service is cheaper and more cost-effective than its in house alternative. In many cases, an in-house receptionist would be classified as a salaried employee but in the case of an answering service, their employees are paid on a time basis, therefore earning wages. This cuts out some of the costs of maintaining a salaried employee, and makes them cheaper to hire. A virtual receptionist as part of an answering service also does not demand the same overhead costs as that of an in house receptionist.

There’s no desk. No chair. No phone. No stationary. No maintenance. This makes them a more cost-efficient and cost-effective employee to have on staff as compared with a typical receptionist. All of the arguments I made earlier also play into their value for money which as a result of lower costs is obviously higher anyway, without taking into account the fact that they don’t need training (you don’t do the job if you don’t already have the skills) and the standard of their work and professionalism.

The current work climate and technology accessible has created many a new problem and complex situation for business owners but in this case, it has also created a clear, relatively stress-free, cheap and easy solution that doesn’t sacrifice anything or cut corners as you might expect when you hear the words ‘cheap, stress-free and easy solution’. In fact, I would argue that it only heightens the level of professionalism and efficiency in your business as it’s less likely you’ll miss a call or drop off in another crucial area, because you won’t be so consumed with the intricacies and expectations of day to day admin.

If I haven’t managed to convince you that you need an answering service both for the good of your business and your own personal balance and sanity, yet, well I don’t know what will. What more could you ask for in a service? It’s more cost-effective than the alternative. It creates less room for uncertainty in your business and increases both the possibilities and flexibility of your other employees. It has the potential to create a smoother and more pleasant experience for your customers, which will only pay you dividends in the end and it can be specifically tailored to your needs.

So, do yourself a favour and go and employ an answering service. Right now. Today.

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