Why does your Small Business need an Answering Service?

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Why Use Telephone Answering Service for Your Small Business?

Why is an Answering Service for Small Business so Essential?

For small businesses and start-ups, flexibility and resourcefulness is critical. The challenge is to focus on great customer service while saving on staff costs. Live Call Answering Services are an essential factor if you are running a small business and you want to grow your business and meet the challenge of a cost-effective highly effective customer service. A live Virtual Receptionist service using UK-based staff answering phone calls in your company name means that you and your staff will never miss a customer call. Your business calls will never ring out because you or your staff were waylaid by other matters.

With a live Virtual Receptionist you have positioned your company as always available, welcoming and customer centric. If a client has a choice between talking to a live local or leaving a voicemail message, which option do you think they will choose? What sort of impression do you think a customer gets if their phone call just rings on and on and then when finally the call is answered they are asked to hold? Do you think that sort of response is going to ensure customer retention? How can a small business offer superior customer service if call answering is always an irritation instead of a door opening to opportunity?

Your small business call answering service is useful and practical because it is scalable. If there are suddenly busy moments when there are lots of calls from clients it’s no problem. Our UK based team can easily cope. Your customers will still be welcomed promptly by our highly trained Virtual Receptionist service answering calls in your company’s name. Your receptionist service will forward calls, take messages, update callers on contact details and product offerings and we can even act as your Virtual Assistant, scheduling appointments and populating your engagement diary.

Like thousands of other small businesses, you can use your small business telephone answering service exactly as it suits you, without any cumbersome long-term contracts, we even offer a free trial so you can test our experience. Use your call answering services during work hours, or perhaps you just need a resource to live answer calls after hours. Some businesses resort to our Virtual Reception services for weekends and holidays to make certain they answer every call and reinforce a reputation of making the customer No1. Or maybe your small business is really expanding and you want to be available to clients to live answer their incoming calls 24/7. Whenever you want your call answering service, we are ready. Secure your customer focus – use Virtual Receptionists or Virtual Assistants to ensure that there’s always someone to answer the call.


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A locally based Virtual Receptionist doesn’t just mean that you save on the staffing costs of a receptionist. Your small business also saves space. There is no need to dedicate an area of the office specifically for someone to sit and answer calls. It almost seems old-fashioned doesn’t it!

Your customers will simply think your Virtual Receptionist is in your office working for your business – and in a way she is. A telephone answering service for your small business also means that your enterprise is totally protected from the impact of sick leave, holiday leave and absenteeism.

If it was you as a small business owner answering all those routine calls, by using your London Virtual Receptionist services you have saved your precious time. If your staff were also forced to stop their work and handle calls – you’ve also freed up their time, so you are maximising the benefit of your paid staff.

For your convenience, the cost or pricing of our virtual receptionist service is simply calculated on the business calls received and answered. Your company only pays exactly for what you have used. Simple. With your London Virtual Receptionist, you also can review the online statistics for your call answering services and examine the useful communication data. Using small business answering services is a quantum leap in professionalism. A Virtual Reception is a resource that every small business owner should access and the benefits that accrue are multi-dimensional – cost saving, space saving, timesaving, stress-saving.


For small businesses, a telephone answering service is the perfect business partner - it meets the needs of a start-up and small business by live answering calls promptly and efficiently and it also enhances the appearance of the business making it seem larger and in the business world – image matters. With Virtual Receptionist London we view every call as an opportunity to position your business as welcoming and inherently professional. You can be sure that your callers are in good hands - any time of the day or night, any day of the week.

Think about how your customers will view your small business? How can you stand out from your competitors? One clear way to attract attention is to be really attentive to your clients and prospective clients. Don’t be surprised if you aren’t winning the market share you expect if your prospective clients have to ‘leave a message after the beep’. Don’t be surprised if prospective clients aren’t still hanging on the line minutes after your busy staff have said, ‘please hold.’

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