Why Outsourcing Call Answering Service is Better than Hiring an In-House Receptionist?

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Why Outsourcing Call Answering Service is Better than Hiring an In-House Receptionist?

Why Outsourcing Call Answering Service is Better than Hiring an In-House Receptionist?

In many businesses today, one of the first questions that you can find yourself dealing with is the decision of who to hire. One of the first questions that you are likely to need to answer is whether or not you want a receptionist.

Having a receptionist is very useful. Having someone who is there all day to help you out by answering calls, handling complaints, dealing with invoices and bills, etc. can be a hugely useful process. However, other options do exist. For example, many businesses today are choosing to hire an outsourced call answering service instead.

A what? An outsourced call answering service! It’s a system that gives you a receptionist as and when you need them. They work from another location, but operate a phone service and a messaging help service that allows them to manage emails and take calls remotely.


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They only get paid when you use them. Among the things that they can do are call answering, call transferring, and taking messages among others – all these for only a fraction of the cost. It means that you also don’t need a whole reception area in the office, reducing not only staffing costs, but also equipment and utility costs.

Isn’t hiring more staff important? Of course, it is – but there are two important points here. First, when it comes to hiring a call answering service, you immediately reap its benefits without incurring a huge cost. Most businesses don’t have enough funds that can be handed out to their prospective employees – although administrative assistance is very much needed in any successful business.

This gives you the chance to make that possible without having to break the bank. It provides you with the same function without any excessive costs being attached to the decision.

Secondly, outsourced call answering staff are staff – they are contracted to you on an outsourced basis, but they are still part of the team. Your success is their success, so they have no incentive but to help you make things better.

For this reason, having access to an outsourced member of the team should never be something you question. They are every bit as loyal to you and your business goals as anyone else who steps foot in your office. If you are looking to help bolster your team without going into excessive debt, then outsourcing is a logical one – and is by no means unethical.

When you process all the above, you should see how relatively easy it is to get a proper outsourcing service to work exactly as you need. Are you interested in seeing how it could work in practice, then?

Consider hiring Virtual Receptionist London today, and you can make it much easier to have your business become more efficient without those same extensive salary costs. Not every business can afford a full-time assistant – especially in its early days – so give yourself both time and financial freedom starting today!

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