What is Phone Answering Service?

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What is Phone Answering Service?

What is Phone Answering Service?

Every little aspect that is related to the company reflects an image of how well it is serving the business. Even the smallest connection says something about your company, whether it has your business logo on it like a shirt, uniform, building, sponsorship, and others. All these facets form the reputation and basis of how people and customers regard your company as big or small, effective or ineffective, successful or not.

Customer experience is an apparent indicator if the company is successful in achieving their goal. Client feedback tells exactly how consumers expect the business to operate. Does the company satisfy their needs or are they below their satisfactory level? Customers are the bloodline of the company. If they are receiving a service below their expectations, most probably, there will be no customer repetition, no more coming back, and no more second chances. Repetition is the only key to give your consumers a consistent customer experience. Without this, you can never build a good relationship and a strong positive image to your consumers. What they have to say whether in reviews, social media, or just simple interaction with their friends and colleagues can have a big impact on your company. The most effective strategy to avoid incidents like these is to offer customers the best experience from the time they initially do business with your organization. How is this possible? You can accomplish it by having strong frontliners to welcome customers from their initial inquiries to more complicated issues to address.


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Getting a phone answering service is the solution to give your customers an excellent experience that is expected from your business to provide. It's a service that is active 24/7 so you wouldn't have to worry about missed calls and unanswered queries. A phone answering service is composed of a team of experienced Virtual Receptionists and Virtual Assistants to take all incoming calls on the company's official number. Offered by a third-party provider, it eliminates the need to hire permanent employees to handle your business’s phone answering tasks, which makes it very cost-effective for the company. Also, there's no need to arrange for a physical office if you’re just a one-man business, nor do several trainings and other hiring requirements. The company can also save from the expense of offering a compensation package to a regular employee.

With the phone answering service provided by a Virtual Receptionist, the cost is monitored by the number of calls received for the day or for a specific period of time. The business owner can dictate how exactly they want the inquiries to be addressed by the Virtual Receptionist so they can deliver the response to client concerns in the most effective way. The need to deliver a personalized service is still there since humans, not machines, who can sympathize with the customers and find ways to entertain and satisfy them at the same time will be the one answering the calls.

The business owner can finally review the performance of the Virtual Receptionist simply by logging into the system, making management supervision easier and more efficient – something that is not applicable when you employ an in-house receptionist. Also, gone are the days when you have to multitask throughout the day and end up accomplishing less. Most people are familiar how difficult it is to be interrupted whenever you’re focused in terms of accomplishing a specific task, and when the phone rings, your momentum just suddenly disappears. Not being able to meet your business goal due to lack of manpower is probably the biggest reason why most startups find it hard to expand.


Customer satisfaction and repetition would not be difficult to achieve with a team of experienced, professional, and efficient representatives of the company – the Virtual Receptionists. Through the phone answering service, the company is getting only a win-win situation. It can build a positive image for the company and a clear reflection of the company's ultimate goal in achieving its purpose in the society.

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