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Get your SEO under control with these 4 tools

Search Engine Optimization is like the technical side of your written content. While your blog posts, product descriptions and news articles may be well-written, they’re going to be hard for Google to understand if they’re not written in a certain way. That’s why even the most well-written and explained article can often fail in terms of SEO. To deal with this issue, it’s common to hire an SEO expert that will optimize your content for maximum visibility.

However, SEO is something that can be done by yourself if you have the right tools and knowledge. It’s a difficult concept to understand at first, but with enough study, it’s something that you can easily comprehend and solve on your own. In addition to understanding the concept of SEO, you also need to have SEO tools at your disposal that can drastically improve the process of optimizing your content.

So in this article, we’re going to talk about 4 of the best SEO tools to use if you want to drive your business forward and grow your online presence, but also explain what SEO tools actually are.


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Why Use an SEO Tool?

SEO tools essentially make the process of optimizing your content easier. For instance, one of the most important considerations for SEO is what your competitors are doing. You ultimately want to be more visible than your competitors, so researching them and looking at their content and their preferred keywords will give you an idea of where you should invest your marketing budget.

SEO tools can also help you audit your website to see how relevant your website is to your desired search terms. There are also free tools like Google Analytics and Search Console that can show you what the most popular trends and searches are. When combined with optimization techniques and good content, you can drastically improve your business’s visibility.

What Makes a Good SEO Tool?

The basic thing you should look for in a good SEO tool is how it fits into your workflow. While there are some tools that can be used externally, others may require integration into other services in order to provide the most help. It’s also important to consider the costs of an SEO tool because you might not have the funds available to pay for expensive plans that offer more features and personalization.

In short, here is a list of things that we believe you should focus on:

  • Who is the tool targeted at?
  • What type of scale is the tool capable of?
  • Does the tool fit into my workflow?
  • Do I use tools with overlapping features?
  • How much does the tool cost to use?

These are some of the questions to focus on when choosing an SEO tool, but to help you out, we’ve put together a list of four different SEO tools that you should be using to drive your business forward.

Four of the Best SEO Tools to Use

#1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs offers a range of SEO features that are targeted at professional users due to the integration options and fairly expensive plans available. Ahrefs focuses on backlink analysis, keyword research and also competitor research.

Ahrefs is mainly focused on researching competitors and isn’t necessarily an SEO-focused platform. It allows you to look at keywords that your competitors are ranking for and how successful they are at it. With this information, you can strategically plan your own keywords while also using the backlink analysis tool to crawl your website and analyze the status of your backlinks. You can also use the site explorer to get a comprehensive breakdown of your search traffic and the sources it comes from.

#2. Google Analytics and Search Console

Google offers a set of free-to-use tools for basic SEO purposes like site auditing and researching keywords. The tool is easy enough for everyone to use, doesn’t cost money (and there are no premium or subscription options) and there are API options available for advanced users.

For most small business users, Google Analytics and Search Console are good enough for most basic SEO purposes. Since it’s free to use, it has an advantage over the other tools on this list. Google Analytics is a service that many people already use so webmasters should be comfortable with the interface as well.

#3. SEMrush

SEMrush is targeted at smaller businesses and SEO specialists. A small business in this context could mean anything from a small retail store, an online drop shipper or even a blogger. It offers on-site SEO, idea generation and also keyword research. It can be integrated with popular services like Trello and Google Analytics and offers several different plans.

SEMrush has plenty of features such as backlink tracking, keyword research and data visualizations that provide small businesses with a clear and easy-to-use set of SEO tools. You also have the ability to check SEO on the page itself which gives you a list of actions to perform in order to improve your SEO. It’s essentially a single click that will analyze your website and give you an idea on how to improve everything from keyword density to metadata, and it will offer you a rough estimate of how much it can improve your website by making those changes.

#4. Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a great option for small businesses that do not have an SEO specialist that is available to help them. It’s perfect for non-SEO pros and marketers and offers keyword research, reports and visualizations of your website’s SEO. There are two different payment plans and it offers integration with Google Analytics and has an API for advanced users.

Moz Pro is a sold SEO tool that offers a list of essential features, making it a great all-in-one service that can be used on its own. The reporting and visualization tools offered by Moz Pro are surprisingly comprehensive and it offers custom metrics which gauge things like click-through rates and also what competitors are paying for certain keywords. This gives you more information to act on, ultimately improving your website visibility through a single solution.

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