How Much Does a Telephone Answering Service in London Cost?

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How Much Does Telephone Answering Service in London Cost?

How Much Do Telephone Answering Services in London Cost?

In the often-volatile business climate of today a successful business owner must perform a balancing act. She must maintain the current client base and develop new revenue streams while trying to reduce the cost of doing business. It is a real challenge. How do you reduce costs and increase revenue? One way is to utilise technology. The cost of a Call Answering Service is minimal when compared to the savings and increased revenue it can bring to your business.

How much do Phone Answering Services cost? Let’s turn the question around. How much will it cost your business not to use Call Answering Services?

If you are searching for a way to make sure your company really benefits from the talents of your team - keep them off the phone. Stop them taking routine calls! Instead, hire a telephone answering service and have a welcoming professional and local Virtual Reception performing the gatekeeper task of call answering for your company. Don’t let your skilled staff get side-tracked by doing all the FAQ stuff. And don’t forget about yourself – you are a manager, don’t be interrupted by switching your train of thought by answering phones because no-one else is!

Think of the multiple benefits you can access with a Call Answering service.. Employing an in-house full-time receptionist with all the accompanying spend no longer makes good business sense. Dedicating expensive office space simply for call handling is unwarranted in today’s business environment. It is all costly and limiting, and then there is the sick leave and holiday leave and absenteeism to consider – and all the ad hoc covering just to answer phone calls.

A Virtual Receptionist, a UK-based professional answering phone calls in your company’s name is not just a cost-effective solution and so much cheaper than a full-time receptionist – it is also a revenue generator for your brand. With your London Virtual Receptionist your business will never miss a call. Every call will be answered promptly, no more calls going on hold when it’s a busy time for your receptionist. No more calls ringing on and on then finally ceasing because there is no-one in the office.

Included in the cost of an answering service is a highly experienced team of professionals who will customise your call answering service according to your instructions. We can deal with all the FAQ with your messaging script, we can escalate calls direct to key executives according to the importance you prescribe, we will text SMS or email messaging if that’s your request and with our Virtual Assistant support we can even schedule appointments and populate online diary bookings. We take the time to understand your business brand so that when we perform phone answering services in your company’s name every caller will simply imagine your Virtual Receptionist is sitting in your office.

Now can you afford not to just wonder how much does a call answering service cost and simply use one!

Use your live Virtual Reception during normal business hours. Use your Live Call Answering team to secure those sales leads after hours. Capture more opportunities and impress your customers with your after hours care by implementing Telephone Answering Services on weekends and holidays. Experience our expertise 24/7 if that is what you need. Or simply route your office calls to London Virtual receptionist when your receptionist is on leave or needs support to deal with the overflow. We are your support. Scalable. UK based. Experts in call management with 10 years+ British business experience.

So don’t just wonder what a Virtual Receptionist costs – realise the myriad ways you can leverage answering services to support your success.


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Make Sure Every Call is Answered

With a telephone answering service, you immediately eliminate the possibility of ever missing an important call. And keep in mind - Not everyone has the right ‘phone voice’ or attitude on the phone, and it can easily scare people off.

To totally avoid those problems, we recommend that you appoint a telephone answering service in London for certainty and an always welcoming tone, whenever you need us. Just how much can you expect to need to pay to engage a phone answering service?

  • For a small business, it is very affordable. Standard rates start at around £10/month, with a £1/call rate added in on top. That’s a great cost per call and even if only several incoming calls come through in the whole month you will have more than made your money back. For a business just starting out, it’s great certainty for capturing phone calls and turning more calls into sales leads.
  • For a growing business, with escalating calls the cost for 25 calls/month is just £25. Again, you would usually be paying around £1/call after that, but that is still very affordable for professional certainty.
  • For medium sized businesses rapidly growing, you can easily find call platforms for 50-100 calls at just £1/call, with the same cost for anything over that. We allow your business to thrive and grow by supporting your vision with an expert phone answering service.

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