10 Tasks That Your Small Business Can Outsource

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As a small business, it’s important to get as much help as possible from outside sources to ensure that you can focus on important tasks like growing your business. Be it automating mundane tasks that eat up your productive time or hiring a professional freelancer to help you with a creative or complicated task, there are plenty of reasons to rely on outsourcing to grow your business.

In this article, we’re going to talk about 10 tasks that your business can and should outsource in order to improve your overall productivity and give your business a better chance of success.


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1. Bookkeeping

Managing your accounts can be incredibly time-consuming. Not only does it require a very organized business to speed up the process, but it’s also important to double check all the figures to ensure that there are no mistakes that could cause trouble for your business in the future. Managing your own accounts can be doable with the help of cloud software, but once your business starts to grow, you’ll find that it becomes increasingly difficult to manage both your business and your financial responsibilities. As a result, it’s a good idea to outsource your bookkeeping so that you can focus on creative tasks that grow your business instead of a mundane task that can be done more efficiently by a trained professional.

2. Payroll

In addition to outsourcing your bookkeeping, you should also consider outsourcing your payroll. This is to ensure that all of your employees are getting paid the right amount, but also to ensure that their tax payments are coming in on time and that you don’t suffer the consequences of a tax audit that could cost your business a lot of money. The IRS often levies billions a year in fines against small businesses that make mistakes with their taxes, so this is certainly not something you should take lightly and you absolutely need professional advice to help you manage your payroll. Even just a handful of employees you can manage this on your own, but as you start growing, you’re going to need all the help you can get to manage your financial responsibilities.

3. Logo Design

Far too many companies underestimate the value of a good logo. They believe that they can just use a temporary logo for now and just switch their branding in the future, but what they don’t understand is how a poorly designed logo can not only cause consumers to have a lack of faith in your company but can even steer them away due to an ugly design. A good logo forms the foundation of your branding and appears on everything from official documents to your website. It’s vital that you get yourself a good logo by speaking to a freelancer or a design outsourcing service and have a proper logo designed that you can be proud of as a business owner.

4. Website Design

Having a solid digital presence is essential to the smooth operation of your business which is why it’s incredibly important that you focus on the functionality of your website over the form. As you grow your business, having an easy-to-navigate business website will make it easier for your clients and customers to get the information they need, and making it look nice can also attract more people and instil more confidence in your brand. In the beginning, it’s important to focus on having an informative and functional website that serves its purpose. After that, you’re free to add graphics, your logo and other design elements that make it easier to look at. All of this can be done with the help of a professional website designer that you should absolutely hire as soon as possible.

5. Marketing

Another vital component to outsource is marketing. Not only does marketing take a lot of experience and knowledge of the industry, but it’s also incredibly time-consuming as well due to all of the data you need to collect and analyze, the audiences you need to address and the promotions that you need to run. It takes a skilled marketer in order to grow your business, and this is certainly something that you do not want to leave in unskilled hands. Make sure you outsource this as soon as you’re ready to show your product so that you can build up excitement for your brand and have it carry your business to success.

6. Search Engine Optimization

However, a good website doesn’t survive on just design and functionality alone–it also needs search engine optimization to ensure that it actually shows up as a search result. SEO takes a lot of optimization and knowledge, and it also requires you to understand how Google’s search functions work so that you can take advantage of its algorithms to make your website appear higher on a search engine. Black-hat SEO methods are aggressive and deliver almost immediate results, but it can end up ruining your credibility and could cause your business to become blacklisted by Google. Outsourcing SEO means that you’ll always get organic and sustained long-term growth, which is why we highly recommend it.

7. Administration

Be it answering phone calls or dealing with large quantities of incoming mail, having this outsourced can make a world of difference in the way you manage your company. From virtual offices to forwarding addresses, there are plenty of ways to manage the smaller matters in your business to appear more professional and organized to your clients. Once you’ve grown your business, you can hire an in-house receptionist or administrator, but for now, you’re better off outsourcing those services if you need them.

8. Technical Support

Tech support is generally outsourced because it requires very specific knowledge on the tools and software that you use. Tech support can be from a professional company that offers a complete service to manage your IT, or it could be from a local computer shop. Either way, it’s a good idea to partner with these types of services so you get prompt service to help fix your IT. If you’re the owner of a relatively specialized piece of machinery, then it can be quite expensive to get it repaired or maintained. This is another reason why you should outsource your technical support to a company that both knows what they’re doing and is equipped for the job.

9. Customer Support

Customer support should normally be outsourced if you’re a small business. Once you grow, it’s beneficial to have customer support in-house so that your support team can communicate with the rest of the company. However, if you’re just a small startup, then outsourcing your customer support can save you a lot of time and hassle.

10. Construction

Whether it’s building a new office, extending your current premises or adding more amenities to your workplace, it’s vital that you hire a construction company to help you make the process easier. Yes, it’s entirely possible to rely on a DIY solution, but you’re much better off relying on a construction company that knows what they’re doing so that you can focus the rest of your time and efforts on other aspects of your business. Leave the construction and installation work to professionals that have experience in the field.

Don’t waste your time trying to do any of these tasks on your own unless you have experience or the manpower in your workplace to accomplish it quickly. Leave specialized work to the experts and give yourself time to focus on the tasks that you feel are important to your business.

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